General description of the story.

There was once a man and that man had a dream and throughout his live he continued to work hard towards it. At first it seemed hopeless but after many years, when his hair already turned grey, he finally achieved it.

His dream was a creation of a different world, the world in which everything was possible and yet at the same time achieving anything meaningful would require incredible effort.

This world was given to others. Those that went there probably dreamed of slaying dragons and taking part in the great battles that would decide fates of kingdoms. They dreamed of becoming the greatest heroes or the most vicious villains. Still, soon enough those people realized that in this world even slaying a single boar could make them incredibly happy and that was because it was a reward of a true hard work.

While some people could do better than others, regardless of one’s talents, there was always someone above who would laugh at them for their weakness. There was nothing that could prepare one before entering this world and those who decided to so, were changed forever, even if they didn’t realizing it themselves.

First Chapter: Chapter 1 “Arthur Rain”

Warning: EOA isn’t meant to be a perfect story but it’s rather a story that I enjoy writing but it’s completely hobby style. What’s more it’s actually the first story that I wrote in English. (before that there were two stories in my native but they that didn’t even pass 50 pages) -that brings a lot of elements that reader wouldn’t want to see like (needless part that I also think that are needless, nevertheless they stay because if I already wrote them there is no reason to cut them) You have been warned.


“Other things”

To anyone who is having problems with the “unique” (made up) style of EOA’s dialogue. This page might help:
Dialogue help

“Different type of description”

Describing “eye of Adventure” in few words is not an easy task. Naturally it’s a written story that is more similiar to a Japanese light novel rather than anything else.

But the simplest answer to the question “What is this story about?” would be:

-It’s about people having fun while playing VRMMORPG game.

Other key informations that you might like to know before starting reading it.
-the EOA’s world is completely original and vast.
-the game system is also completely original
-time works differently in the game world, namely 1 hours in real world equals 5 hours in the EOA world.
-the story starts at the point where the game was released two years ago, so some ‘veteran players’ were theoretically playing EOA for 10 years already. This creates the setting where “protagonist” has a really long, long, long way to be able to compete with them. The story isn’t about the person who wants to badly become the best player though.
-story introduces many characters.
-the author is not ‘native English speaker’ or ‘English grammar expert’.
-the soul of the author is tainted with Japanese culture. Some things may(will) be strange/ridiculous for “normal readers”. (In general, even if the main themes of the story are sometimes dark and serious, most of the story is rather filled with “Happiness and Ridiculousness”)
-the story is quite long and it’s number of pages is scary.

PS: Author likes comments.

First Chapter: Chapter 1 “Arthur Rain”


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    • Well the phases of making PDF (and other) version of EOA
      -Execution(Error missing key elements):
      *the story version was not fully updated to v2.0
      *table of content (missing)
      *author’s first words (missing)
      *cover page (missing)
      -Upload(waiting for execution phase to finish)

      In general, when I will be making PDF version and others, I will try to do it more serious so it at least look like a proper e-book despite the fact that it’s not. (If someone needs a not proper pdf version they can simply make one themselves it’s just 5 clicks after copping the story)

  2. I understand that this is your first English novel, but do you have an editor checking your work? If not, I would like to offer my services. While I’m by no means a perfect person for it, I am native English speaker and can help fix some of the obvious issues I’ve found while reading this week; I only started reading it this week and up through Chapter 29 at the moment. I can help fix the more obvious issues like the wrong being word used, though it sounds/looks like the right one, or sentences that don’t quite mesh. I you would like I can even explanations of my change to help with your English for later chapters.

    If you aren’t interested in my offer, that is fine as well. Thank you for this story as I am enjoying it a lot and look forward to further developments in the next chapters, especially since Rin seems to be now over her fear. 🙂

    • Editor? No… seems troublesome and scary, and having anyone directly involved would mean that I have responsibilities while I just write as a hobby.

      • Nothing wrong with that. Something like just cleaning up the Chapter posts after you are done with them is possible as well if you wanted. Anyways, thanks for the story; just finished Chapter 45 last night! 🙂

      • Hello, I was thinking about offering to do this also. The story is really well written it just has a few spelling/wrong words in it, and is only a matter of switching them.

        For thedarkape, are you planing on going back though and editing it? If so we can tag team it by splitting the chapters between us and pooling them together in drop box for Ziki to make it easier.

        Also Ziki i’m really enjoying this story and since its a hobby for you it’s not like we would need a schedule, if you let us know when a chapter is done we can go through it before you upload it that way there is less hassle for you like having to go back and upload it again. Also if you have Microsoft word I can track changes and make comments or suggestions for you to flip through. when uploading you would just have to hide the changes. There are a few things I noticed like wrong tenses or things like that (who can blame you they are a pain). For fun I’m going to re-read your story so I’ll start the process so you can see it. Please note since this is your work and your fun i would like to make it as easy and stress free for you, and you would be helping me also, because I’m thinking about being an editor. 🙂

      • Here is the first chapter, none of my comments are meant to be mean or look down on anyone just to explain what i did and why if you have questions we can talk about it. If you don’t have word/cant disable the track changes then I can do that before uploading 🙂 here is the link to the first chapter I went through.

        also just for consistency’s sake I capitalized all the first letters of the dialogue since its the beginning of a sentence. I am not perfect and I’m sure I missed somethings but I hit the things that stood out to me and tried to get the words to flow smoother.

      • Don’t worry about it I’m going to go through it anyway to re-read it and if I do that I may as well go through it for edits. It will also be easier for me to go back and read it again :P. Since i already plan to do it you may as well have access to it. If you have Skype i can send it to you directly but also if you download it from google docs you will be able to see the comments just not from the browser for some reason, i just tested it out.

  3. Just to let you know, I just finished reading this story in marathon mode from chapter 1 to chapter 47 in 1 day, and I like what I’m reading so far. So keep the chapter coming!
    By the way, are there any schedule when each chapter is released?

  4. Hello there. Congratulations on your 1 million words count ^^
    Before I start reading seriously though I have a general question – does the story have adventure/action style, or is it more of a comedy …or something else?

    • There are both adventure and action, comedy and ridiculousness. There is also some romance and occasional drama as well.

      There is a lot of dialogues and there is lot of fighting as well and lastly there is really a lot of characters.

      Some of them you will like, some of them you will hate and some of them will annoy you to no end.

      The one thing that is not that much developed is the real world sequences, but there is still just enough of it there as well.

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