!Sneaky! Chapter 59 !Sneaky!

RR1Chapter 59 appears out of the shadows but it’s an evil chapter so watch out.

Chapter 59 “Start of the endless winter.”

Well nothing really happens in this chapter (lie) and it’s 50% length of the average chapter but it’s long enough to stand on it’s own and the point at which chapter end on, doesn’t feel right to combine it with the the next chapter. Well the chapter is evil enough that’s for sure.

At the same time it’s ‘thank you chapter’ towards the three good readers that gave me some pocket money for snacks :).

Right as everyone might have noticed today I removed the ‘welcome post’ from the top of the home page. There is already start page that serves the same function… well it’s does so poorly needs to be redesigned. I don’t feel like doing that though, so maybe one day.


Chapter 58 + EOA’s grand expansion

First link to the chapter

Chapter 58 “Clouds and dragons.”

Despite the grand name the chapter is the exact opposite of it. Recently (two months ago) the story had somewhat depressing tone. This time, well apart from the very start of the chapter that is simply too evil, we throw the depression out of the window and maximize the font of the letter A in Adventure.

Now, unlike usually where I don’t have anything in particular to write about today there is something to write about.

EOA R Cover

!EOA’s grand expansion! Hurray Hurray! … OK!

Now as to what it means however well let’s write it down the concept.

[Upload EOA to other websites] -> [Gather more readers] -> [Gather more comments] -> [Gather more motivation to writing] -> [More frequent chapters]

As simple as this plan might seem, every following step is more and more difficult. Even step one is difficult and today I uploaded the story to 6 different websites, and even though I uploaded just first few chapters it was already a long and painful process. Most of the websites simply broke down my internet browser upon trying to upload chapter 5 :). I had to give up on some websites as well because of this but in the end I managed to upload it to 6 random websites.

Those are the websites:


As you might image it would be great if whoever reads this post, clicks on those links, go to those websites and make some likes, makes, some comments, score up the viewership, etc. If someone has the time to do this please do. If you use any of those websites, mark it as reading or something. I personally never plan to visit those websites again as it would take too much work to manage so many. (if someone sees that an ‘obvious’ website is not listed among the six let me know.)

Now as to why I am doing right now. Well the plan for this was in a wait for some time but I was planning to do it only after finishing the reread of first chapters that I was going to spread around. Recently I finally had some time and did so. This time however unlike ever before while going through rereading I did make some changes, and those changes are numerous enough for me to hold back on uploading them at least unless I make a full reread which which will happen long since now. Although I greatly enjoyed returning to the past chapters and playing with them a little. What I generally changed was… remove hero trait from Arata and replace it with evilness… you do guys remember that unfiting plot forced hero trait that I placed on Arata in first 10 chapters. After chapter 10 I removed that trait or rather toned down. In the case of the reread, that hero trait is already toned down from the get go and Arata is like Arata we all know and love. Other than that I also solve a plot hole in which Wizard’s orb, magically appears in Arata’s inventory out of nowhere. There is even a whole new chapter inside there (20 pages long though nothing special).

I would recommend this for those that can’t wait for next chapters and need some EOA in time of longer wait. There are many eastern eggs hidden within the rewritten version that only those that reread the story will manage to catch up on. Lastly though you don’t want to pass on the fact of how Arata arrived at this plan. (small spoiler to the new version)

[Complete the quest -> kill the apprentice -> loot her items ->present her head to the Wizard in a box -> Make a punch on the Wizard’s face -> everyone lives happy ever after][Extra points for style:
Make the apprentice chose the box herself!
Don’t damage the hair and later on, use them to swirl around the head like keys on the lanyard.]

If someone thought that the earlier version was excellent then this one is simply god-like.

In any case the first two chapters (well in there, prologue and chapter 1, are about the same so feel free to jump into chapter 2 (completely new chapter) and go read to the end) feel free to read the whole thing but also feel free to ignore this as well. I will be simply adding the link to the PDF file in which you can find everything. I will not be uploading this directly to the website like usual.


Feel free to download this pdf as well, and send it to whomever you recommend the story to and see if they like it. This pdf contains everything that one needs. Starting with finally well written synopsis, that EOA never had. (only this synopsis is for what’s inside the volume as to what EOA is generally about, hard to write a whole synopsis for that… in single sentence… it’s about people having fun playing virtual reality game… and author having fun writing it.

This link will later on be available in Ziki’s CORNER! , CIUCIUCIU!
Now as to what Ziki’s corner is well… I had a good concept to what it was supposed to be but after rethinking it just now I decided not to, as the dark secrets of the universe should remain hidden from the world after all. Still I already made the page and I like how the website now looks like so… I will go with simple idea of throwing inside some personal recommendations for anime or something. It’s called Ziki’s corner so it fits. Other than that I will throw in some other things as well, generally not EOA related stuff to put it simply.

Now lastly I finally made a donation button about which some people asked for.

Donations page

If someone wants to make donation now they can. I don’t think that anything will come out of this as it’s hard to make people make comments much less do something as complicated as making donation but if someone wants to show their support in this way feel free to do so. It’s against all my policies to refuse the good stuff.



^_^ Chapter 57 ^_^

!A new chapter appears!

Chapter 57 “The third path.”

Ah, it’s difficult to be EOA’s reader if there frequency of those chapters is so low. WAWAWA.

Another year ends so happy new year, happy Christmas, etc, whatever :). You did not come to this website for this.

From me the the thing you can hear is



One last thing. Last time I tried to introduce new dialogue system and asked for the feedback based on which I was going to make my future choice.

Based on the results, the cakes take the cake, and that was the most frequent answer, it was my answer as well :).
As for other answers though, it’s basically 50%/50%. There were two answers for plus and two answers for minus and right in this second it’s exactly 1 to 1. But unlike hip hip hurray, there were few comments about people preferring old system over the new one, which pointed out few problems in it. Well no system is perfect but seeing that there was not a single comment about new system being good. Adding to that the fact that I need to make an extra effort to add all those names and it is kind of annoying. I am returning to the old system with this chapter and I will most likely continue like this.

Chapter 5_5 5_6, New dialogue system prototype, ART 4

Ziki has been slacking of lately yet again but the new release finally arrives.

Yet again, it’s two chapters at the time although unlike the last time, this time it was planned and those are completely separate chapters, although once again first is short and other normal. The first was not released as I wrote it a single day three days after the last release so it didn’t felt right to spam people’s mails that often.

Here is the link to first chapter

Chapter 55 “Secret of the world: First signs.”

I have little to say about this chapter other than it does not deserve the hype that it’s name might signify. It’s rather a good chapter and after reading it you will immediately realize why I wrote it without on a single breath.

Now as for the second chapter, when you start reading it you will immediately notice a certain change. I will describe it right below the chapter link… whatever it’s a good change or not, I am not sure but hopefully you will give me the feedback on that in poll.

LINK TO POLL (naturally: vote after reading)

In short the change is related to dialogue sequence. For those that don’t want to read my description and just see for themselves. Here is the link to chapter 56:

Chapter 56 “Two paths, only one choice.”

Okay you important parts are out time for my usual grumbling.

The dialogue system in chapter 56 was improved or rather morphed into what I would call, [Game chat dialogue]. That was one of my originals ideas on how to make the dialogue but because I saw it as annoying thing to do and believed that there won’t be any people reading what I write anyway, the dialogue is the way it is. But between the last and current release I read rather long book (three in fact, main reason for delay) in which the dialogue was kind of similiar to mine, meaning ‘exchange between the characters with little addition as to who is speaking unless it’s necessary’. While reading it it’s naturally possible to tell who says what (most of the times at least). There were often the cases in which it didn’t matter who said that but generally it’s better to know for sure. At the same time if you lose focus in the middle of the exchange, go grab something to eat, ETC… you might be forced to go back to reread the last portion, which is rather annoying thing to do.

While reading EOA, I naturally have never experienced this problem but naturally I am cheating as while I wouldn’t be able to recite the whole story word by word I would be able to reconstruct it easily from memory to a certain agree and the conversations and scenes would feel the same and the right character would say their dialogue. Generally before they sentence even begins I already know who is talking next. For me rereading is more like watching the scene from my memory and in dialogues listening to the voices of characters.

Naturally if someone reread the story multiple times, they might be able to do it to a certain extend but let’s talk about an average person that just reads the chapter as they come and will never bring him/her-self to reread as after all… over one million words. At best that person will reread few chapters of the story he liked the most.

So the experience in reading for you all is completely different than mine and while I think that my dialogue sequences up till now are good enough to be understand who is talking what, it might often be the case that, you will realize who is talking only two ‘pages’ later. Which naturally isn’t good unless that was the purpose although new [dialogue system prototype] can easily achieve this suspense as well when needed and at the same time you won’t have to wonder if one of the characters we already see/know, said something.

Returning to the story, while reading one book, there were few times I got confused or rather mistaken that someone said something while in reality it was someone else. (I wonder how often it is for EOA, you can give me feedback on that in the comment.) So as I was struggling through the story someone advised me to read a different version of it in which at the end of each dialogue sequence there is the name of character in the bracket. That helped a lot and reading with it worked in a funny way where I wasn’t reading the names in the bracket the same way I read everything else… saying that I was just look at it to be sure “it’s guy” is what it was.

So after this experience I started to think how evil I am to put readers thorough this with EOA. At the same time maybe this is one of the reasons why people usually drop my story after the first or second chapter. The next big drop is on chapter 5 where there is a lot of dialogue as well… although that’s mostly Anari’s doing. Leaving potential new readers aside I thought that I could at least to do something from now on, and I immediately though of my old good [Game chat dialogue] idea. Well the rules are pretty much the same as what I just described (meaning that idea wasn’t that original), although my twist on it is the way it is. Character names at the start of the sentences. Given that that there are some long speeches that take half of the page, this should work better. And also it has that in-game chat feel. If you didn’t check yet, generally it looks like this.

:Ziki: -muahahahahaha! I am so evil.
:Person A: -that can’t be true. Especially now when you though about for the readers for the very first time.
:Ziki: -oh, it seems like you didn’t finish chapter 56 yet if you can say so. Surprisingly on my email there were only few messages and asks about proofreading and still no death-threats, but it will change soon.

Apart from adding the name at the start, I kept the same formatting with – = … and such, even if only for the future possible easy change. The thoughts remained the same and they always belong to the current perspective character.

“While writing it was still fine but after rereading chapter 56, I couldn’t slept that night.”

That’s all about the dialogue. Be sure to check the questionnaire to tell me whatever you like it or not. If majority doesn’t like it I will return to the old style if majority likes it I will continue like this one from now on and eventually one day change the other chapters to that style as well (very very very far future).

What else ah right… now that the mini arc “Capital” that is the first part of third arc is ending it’s time for Art update… mostly of characters that appeared in the third arc. The last art update might have been 6 chapters ago but at the same time it’s been nearly half a year since then so I gathered some new things. Ah, after I wrote this I once again I realized how much I slacked off during the summer although for some reason I am always slacking off in the summer. First the tests arrive and there is no time and then I feel like I have all the time in the world so I can wait “one extra day” :). Anyway the link to art is here:


And now last thing is the reminder from the last time. Proofreaders still needed, as while there were some brave warriors that went on the adventure to vanquish the grammar errors, I gave away 30 chapters so far, some of them returned some don’t, so if someone is wondering the help is still need.

One million words, Chapter 54

Chapter 54 arrives! YUPI!!! Length wise, this chapter alone makes for a wawawa release so you have been warned. Also, there are quite a lot of perceptive switches at one point so to make it easier to read rather than just using triple star (***), I also added an annotation whose perspective it is (*** Arata’s perspective ***). Not sure this will stick later one but for this chapter it is quite useful. Right if someone doesn’t manage to read everything in one go, the perspective switches are good points for breaks (first one comes quite late though).

It is easy to realize but just so everyone know the chapter starts from where chapter 52 left off. But anyway here is the link to the chapter.

Chapter 54 “Card Castle.”

Now with that out of hand, let’s return to the name of this post. One million words, why is this post named like this? The answer is that with this chapter, EOA’s length word wise passed one million. At least by MSword counting algorithm, I have no idea whatever it counts ‘and, or’ as words or if there aren’t any errors because of ‘-‘ at the start of the dialogues, but it doesn’t matter, the one million word count has been passed! Substantially as with this chapter the word count passed additional 62 thousands over that million, but naturally that is just a small addition.

I decided to write about it because from now on, anyone who finishes chapter 54 can now proudly say that they have read one million words long story. Hurray!

Now time for rather unhappy message. EOA has been on the internet for over a year now and it found it’s way to the hearts of some people but what is EOA’s most remembered aspect? What is most important to know before reading it? The penguin looks on the answer and cries together with me as what EOA is most remembered for is it’s bad grammar. Even the good people that would recommend it somewhere will mention only this fact rather than anything else. And I has enough of that, no one even mentions poorly written endless dialogue and confusing fighting scenes. Cry.

So because of all those message about grammar following me from the very start as well as slight guilt about having the good readers read the story with my poor grammar I decided to look for warriors that specialize in fighting against the monsters known as grammar error. Those warriors have a noble name called proofreader. If there is anyone who wishes to join the forces of proofreaders and fight the endless war against grammar errors, they are welcomed to message me. (I remember that there were few people who already wished to offer their service so if they are still somewhere and didn’t change their mind they are welcomed the most.)
Naturally to become noble “G” error vanquisher one has to wield the weapon called English quite well, at least more than me. At the same time, he needs to “bored” and have a lot of time as it’s over one million words long story after all. Naturally if someone wishes to fight only against one chapter or gives up after few they are welcomed as well. Maybe eventually after a lot of time all chapters will have good grammar. We can only hope.

So if there is any noble soul out there who is not afraid to stand against the forces of darkness, contact me on email address that from today on will serve as my private contact info. Everything is on this page.


Just like it’s written on that page, from now anyone can now send me a death treats or any other kind of private message, it’s not only for noble proofreaders. Your normal comments underneath the chapters will be seen much quicker though.

52 -Chapter- 53

What is happening, two chapters at the same time, is the wawawa releases finally back?

Nope, the wawawa releases probably won’t return ever again. (props to anyone who still remember me using this phrase.)

Generally the reason why there are two chapters this time is because after I wrote it, I decided that the start of the chapter completely not fit to the both title and what is happening afterwards so that’s where two chapters came from.

At the same time there is a good reason to separate the chapter 52 from chapter 53 and it is to give people the warning.

If you are feeling bad, and look for an entertainment that would make you feel better, don’t read chapter 52!
If you are feeling good and would prefer to stay that way, don’t read chapter 52.
If despite those warnings you still want to read it though and you aren’t concern with staying happy then here it is.

Chapter 52 “The burden of truth.”
(the name of the chapter is the last warning you get)

Now then, here is the link to the chapter 53 which starts right where chapter 52 leaves.

Chapter 53 “City of eternal darkness. Part two.”

I must say that those two chapters together, (earlier a single chapter) were probably the hardest parts of EOA to ever write. Especially the chapter 52 but in 53 I also needed to change the ending and cut out one promise that was made in earlier chapter but probably no one caught it as it was mentioned only one time. 🙂

In the end though everything went well. Yey.

{:} Chapter 51 {:}

Wait a minute? Isn’t Ziki dead? So what is this doing here?
Well turns out that Ziki isn’t dead. One can only wonder how did that happened?

Anyway after a very short break new chapters appears. Because that break was slightly less short than usually though, to remind everyone what was happening lately here is few sentences summary.

[Watch out summary contains spoilers if you didn’t read all the way up to chapter 50]

Arata with his current teammates Levi and Rin came to Capital in hope of finding an item that is necessary for them to complete their quest. That item however got taken by someone else and now they have to get it back. Following their only clue, the sword left by one of the people who stole the item, they went to meet with a sacred blacksmith Hatsu who was the maker of the sword. From him they learned to whom he gave that sword so now they have a possible suspect of the crime. That doesn’t matter though as the owner of the quest item that got stolen has a way to locate the item with his tracking device. The last chapter ended with Arata and his teammates leaving sacred blacksmith’s forest and they are on their way back to Capital.

Apart from that there were few Refrain members gearing but Zen and Odin went their way and Loki was chased away by Haru. Yuki is sticking around and she ‘kind of’ included in current Arata’s party.
Other than that there are assassins, dying quest givers, wardens, clowns and one large city with large pillar of light whose purpose is something that only Ziki knows.

So that was the summary, hopefully no one who didn’t read the previous chapter got spoiled by it.

Here is the chapter so if there are any readers still left enjoy.

Chapter 51 “It always come unexpected.”